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Our Story

One sip.

One epic sip. One divine, taste-bud-shattering sip of a local-roast specialty coffee, and a dream was ignited. It was 2011 when a friend shared with us his home roasted coffee beans. His passion was contagious and a vision was planted in our mind. We saw a beautiful gathering place that offered cutting edge brewing techniques and specialty coffee.


In November of 2013 an opportunity presented for us to open a shop downtown Elizabethtown on the square. This beautiful diamond-in-the-rough historic building had been the home of Town and Country dress shop for nearly 50 years.     


Knowing our teenage daughter had a talent in culinary arts and a desire to have her own cafe some day, Vibe Coffee became the first step in our journey. Come watch as we grow, expand and offer more great places for our community to sip, chat, taste and enjoy life.


 Visit us on facebook at Vibe Coffee 



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